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Become a Member

Your decades of support have been our foundation and our pride

This year, Cedars Cancer Foundation at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) enters its fifth decade of compassionate and vital support for cancer patients, the medical professionals that care for them and their loved ones. Through the loyal and generous support of donors such as you, Cedars’ role has been established as a primary contributor to today’s most important initiatives in oncology right here in our own community.

For over five decades, together, we have fulfilled our mission to purchase state-of-the-art diagnostic oncology equipment, improve facilities for the treatment and care of the cancer, offer emotional, practical and humanitarian assistance to cancer patients and their families and support cancer research and education.

Cedars’ dedication to the cancer care needs of the patients of the MUHC is all encompassing. We carry out our mission starting with pediatric care through our Sarah Cook Fund and to young adults with specialized programs through Cedars CanSupport. We provide steadfast and forward-thinking support for the basic and advanced needs of adult cancer patients and those in palliative care.

In the past several years, Cedars proudly joined the foundation partners of the MUHC to spearhead the cancer care initiatives of the Best Care for Life campaign.

With humble beginnings and with a world of gratitude, Cedars is keenly aware that we could not have achieved new heights in cancer support and care without you, our most loyal of donors.

And now, as a new decade is upon us and hospital facilities as Montrealers know them will be forever changed, we need you more than ever.

Cedars pledge to its donors is to continue to provide the most comprehensive and profound assistance possible to cancer patients for generations to come. Our priorities are deeply rooted in your aspirations for top quality cancer care extended to all citizens of our great city. With your continued support, we can surely make a vital difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families in a most significant way.

Please support Cedars Priority Needs by making your donation today at 514-656-6662 or online.