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In May of 2018, Juan Manuel (Manny) Alonso and Luis Nasim, two recently retired 60-year-olds, will embark on an epic life changing journey to support individuals who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. To this effect, they will cycle across Canada to raise vital funds to benefit Prostate Cancer Research under the leadership of Dr. Simon Tanguay, Urologist-in-Chief at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) an academic health centre at the forefront of innovative prostate cancer care.

Please click here for Manny and Luis' stories.

In 2016, a 1000 km cycling journey around the Gaspé Peninsula, which took two weeks to complete, sparked an idea for an adventure that would take Manny and Luis clear across Canada.  As they shared their dream with their supportive families and friends and started planning their trip, they felt it could also have a deeper meaning or purpose. The idea of raising funds for Prostate Cancer Research seemed like a natural fit.  Manny and Luis both have family members and close friends affected by prostate cancer. According to Canadian Cancer Society statistics, prostate cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian men and will affect 1 in 7 men in their lifetime. Therefore, combining their cycling challenge with this fundraising initiative, they hope to contribute toward this meaningful and worthy cause, by raising awareness, contributing to prostate cancer research, and providing a better understanding of the disease through education.  

Where will the funds go?
The Cedars Cancer Foundation supports excellence and innovation in clinical care, research, education and supportive care services. It is for this reason that the Foundation was selected to steward the $50,000 Manny and Luis intend to raise for Prostate Cancer Research under the leadership of Dr. Simon Tanguay, Urologist-in-Chief at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). 100% of all funds raised will go directly to Dr. Simon Tanguay’s Prostate Cancer initiative. The fundamental goal of this initiative is to provide the best possible care for prostate cancer patients and their families, ensuring that both cancer treatment and effective cutting-edge approaches are readily accessible. 

When will the adventure start?
Manny and Luis will start their adventure near the end of May 2018.  Accompanied by members of their family for the big send off, they will travel by train with VIA Rail Canada, one of their leading sponsors, from Montreal to Vancouver.  They will then take a ferry to Victoria where they will dip the back tires of their bikes in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. For the following 100 days, Manny and Luis will cycle across Canada to Cape Spear, Newfoundland where they will dip their bikes’ front tires in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean to crown this formidable journey before returning to Montreal.

How can you participate?
Be a part of Manny and Luis’ amazing journey.  Together, we can build a better world for future generations and help make their dream a reality. Donate today and follow them on their life changing bucket list adventure as they pedal through Canada’s majestic landscape. Over 8,000 km in100 DAYS ACROSS CANADA”, 100% for Prostate Cancer, and memories to last a lifetime.

You can donate directly to 100 DAYS ACROSS CANADAand follow Manny and Luis' inspirational fundraising travel blog journey.

This is the map of Manny and Luis’ amazing journey across Canada:









Listen to Manny and Luis interview with Andrew Carter at CJAD AM:


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Rachel Malenfant -Daniel Soucy  $100
Ingrid & Eugenio Martin  $300
Edward Ruediger  $150
Brian & Pat Patterson  $100
Marc Dupuis
Louise Donohue  $100
Ariel and Matilde (5000Km)  $50
Pega Medical (Ariel Dujovne)  $100
Richard ouellette and marc poliquin  $200
Eric Isabelle  $100
Yves Noel
Josee Brunet  $100
Elizabeth Hasse  $100
Judy Gallo  $30
Stephen Menzies  $25
Mati and Ariel 4000 Km  $50
Ariel Dujovne (Pega Medical Inc.)  $100
Tep Yith
Marcello Lato  $50
Elaine T. Koncewicz
Elke Christine Leuchtges  $75
Christine Marchand-White  $100
Philippe Larincq
Louis Rodriguez  $150
Mati and Ariel 3000km mark  $50
Ariel Dujovne  $100
Anonymous  $100
Pablo Velasco  $787.01
Ariel Dujovne  $100
Ariel & Matty 2000KM  $50
Simon Tanguay  $250
Lorraine Pilon
Manny and Gaby
Pascal Langelier  $100
Charles Fréchette  $500
Charlotte Pyl  $100
Norman Nemetz
Isabelle Beaulieu  $100
Christopher Grenier  $40
Sebastian Velasco  $250
Gilles Létourneau
Margarita Velasco  $200
André Bolduc
Emilio Gatti  $200
Colin Andrews  $100
Ariel & Mati first 1000k  $50
Ariel Dujovne  $100
Greg Cottingham  $350
Grizzly Paw B&B  $25
Suzan Hock
Aileen & Geoff  $100
Étienne Ferland  $25
Josée Quevillon
Anonymous  $75
Rossy Family Foundation
Rachel & Pablo  $500
samuel ferland
Patricia Renaud
Pierre-Olivier Tremblay
Roberto Rijo
Julie Cyrenne  $75
Patricia Cadieux  $50
Guylaine Belot  $100
Anonymous  $50
Famille Fréchette Lanoue
Anonymous  $30
Anonymous  $200
Caroline Royer & Jean Fillion  $200
Catherine Allard
Robin Morton  $350
Lucie Senneville
Danielle Couture
Juan C. Negrete
Baylis Medical Company Inc.  $100
Diane Renaud
robert bishin  $200
Antonietta Moschetta  $50
Alain Bouchard#  $100
daniel alonso  $100
Marie-Hélène Chèvrefils
john and lise gauvreau  $100
Huy Thi Truong  $200
François Pelchat
Anonymous  $75
Susan Hawkins Rice
Chantal Trépanier
Melissa and casey  $100
Bruno Lacasse  $100
Alain Léveillé
Christian Beaudry
Terry and Terry Veldman  $100
Giuseppe Iodice  $100
Eva Arsenault  $50
Tom Silletta
François Fassier  $100
Maria luisa Jara
Pat Rubano  $250
Gisele Desrochers  $200
Alexandra Nasim  $150
Chantal Lefebvre
Dominic Cianfarra  $50
Esteban Rijo, Catherine Faure-Levesque  $100
Charles Lasnier  $500
Cathy Tsolakos  $200
Jean-François Burdet
Jacques Archambault
Gerald Boudreau  $3,500
Pauline Little  $100
Luis Fernandez
Tony Di Paolo  $100
Fortunata Gallina
Danielle Boisvert
Patrick Lavoie  $100
Maria D'angelo  $150
Charles Perreault  $100
Isabelle Marchand  $50
Lucie Lebrun
Denis Antonelli  $500
Jacques Pearson  $200
Stephane Pare  $100
Carl LaRoche
Dany Beaudet
Franca Circelli  $150
Carmen Polin  $100
Isabelle Arbour
Anonymous  $200
Francois Rainville  $250
Gaëtan Pépin
Jean Tierney Bytalan  $100
Natasha Nasim Gebauer  $125
Pedro Patrao  $150
Joel Hillel & Anna Beth Doyle  $200
Claude Carrier  $100
Oksana Dykyj and John Locke  $150
Cameron Pyl and Sofia Alonso  $500
Maria Picciano  $100
Alison Stevens  $50
Roger Garneau
Mary & Angelo Pietrantonio
Toby Riddell
Steve Carlson  $100
Maria Linhares  $25
Vince Ferrara  $50
Michael McManus  $150
Edith Donaldson
Emilio Fernandez  $100
Connie Gervasi  $250
Irene Nasim and Don Groenewege  $480
Bernard Lawrence & family  $250
Howard Bogler
margarita velasco  $100
John and Sandy Wiskin  $250
Carolina Procupez  $300
Liz McCracken  $50
jose pastor  $125
Sheila Meloche
Danielle Bélanger-Corbin, Dr. Jean-Corbin & Family
wim bless  $100
Esmeralda Freitas  $200
Pablo velasco  $100
Frank Manzone  $250
Catherine Marion & Christian Godbout  $50
Chris Bersed  $100
Lyne Beauchemin  $500
Teresa Picciano  $20
Pasquale Rullo  $50
Ray Dan pépin  $100
Rachael Weiter  $20
The Wicks family  $100
Anonymous  $100
Lyse Ratelle & Pierre Lefort  $100
Charlie Parish  $50
Picado Family  $200
Jennifer Carneiro  $100
Erika Budvilas  $100
Louis Rodriguez  $150
Alphie & Nick  $200
Hok Ng  $100
Ian Martin  $50
Ben and Betsy Benoit  $50
Francois & Sandra Marion  $100
Tyzun James  $50
Elaine Kato and Brian Cox  $100
William Schudlich  $50
Lurdes Macedo and Jose (Tony) Dos Santos  $50
Chris Bersted  $100
Steve and Jan Weiter  $100
Frédérique Royer Fillion  $40
Lucie Senneville and Luc Léger  $100
John Gomory  $100
Blair and Brenda Sharpe  $100
Participant Donations Raised
Juan Manuel Alonso & Luis Nasim $ 32,945.01
Donation Total $ 32,945.01
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