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The 500 lb. Challenge

I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in April 2016 and had a Myeloid Sarcoma in my face. The overall survival rate is approximately 27% at the time of diagnosis and the treatment is very difficult. After one year of being in remission I’m going to help out those who find themselves in the same very dark and difficult situation that I was in. My team and I are going to deadlift big weight for repetitions to raise funds for Cedars and hopefully inspire people at the same time that really and truly “Impossible is Nothing”. Each of my lifters have set a fundraising goal that represents a number of reps at either 500lbs for men or 300lbs for women. Our goal is to raise more than $20,000.

What’s our cause?
I count myself as being very lucky as not only did I get through my ordeal but it was made “easier” because I lived close to the hospital, my support network lived near to the hospital, I had a good job and a great company behind me. Many aren’t so lucky and are stuck in their room at what I affectionately call the “hotel” for weeks and whose support network doesn’t live close by or they can’t afford even the TV or internet. The money raised will go to support those patients that are on the Hematology- Oncology inpatient care unit at the MUHC Glen site.

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