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​Pink Bra Toss – powered by Cedars:

Cedars is calling all sisters, mothers, daughters, grand-daughters, aunts and nieces to Montreal’s Annual Pink Bra Toss!

Bring your mothers, daughters, sisters, friends… and even the amazing men in your lives to Montreal’s Pink Bra Toss. Join the international movement, led by the Pink Bra Bazaar in Paris, successfully promoting breast health and education as well as the importance of early detection by coming together to toss a bra in the air and celebrate the amazing advances that have been made in breast cancer care and research. The Pink Bra Toss—powered by Cedars—will be organized against the backdrop of the iconic Mount-Royal summit.  May 13th, 3:00 PM.


Cedars Breast Cancer Program:

The Cedars Cancer Foundation continues to lead the way in the development of new ways of supporting all breast cancer patients at the MUHC and throughout the Rossy Cancer Network. The Cedars Breast Cancer Program will include the introduction of a Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator who will offer concrete guidance to patients through all stages of their cancer journey. This, as well as various other breast-cancer related initiatives will ensure that the Cedars Cancer Centre continues to prioritize both patient care as well as innovation.   

Visit Pink Bra Toss Instagram page here!

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