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Pink Bra Toss 2019

I am breast cancer winner two times 36 years old had Carcinoma in-situ and chose double mastectomy no other treatments and got again breast cancer yet no breast except this time invasive carcinoma had surgeries only and refused other treatments and choose to have complete hysterectomy by Dr Tulandi and been under care of Dr David Fleiszer since 1996 my guardian Angel who is The Best Oncology Surgen with a wonderful bedside manner, who is the most advanced,knowledgable,proactive, compassionate,sensitive,gentle, Hard working,protective,committed and caring doctor a cancer patient could ever dream,need and deserve to have!! I am very lucky to have gotten blessed to have fallen under his care and the painful and stressful journey of cancer invaded life of mine have been the most smooth possible with the extra ordinary care and attention of Dr David Fleiszer my guardian Angel who I owe my healthy life to him. Thanks to him and all other wonderful team or Ceder health centre. Today,Million people and I are living with gratitude and want to make a difference in the lives of people who's world falls apart because of cancer diagnosis every day.

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