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Carole Epstein Fund

The Carole Epstein Foundation, honouring the memory of the late Carole Epstein, is dedicated to advancing research on ovarian cancer and to enrich the day to day lives of those living or affected by ovarian cancer. Through her foundation, Carole wished to show by example what charitable gifts could accomplish over time.

Carole was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in 1996, at the age of 51. She endured countless rounds of chemo, radiation and surgeries. In 2004, Carole succumbed to her battle one month after her 59th birthday.

Carole lived all of her life – including her struggle with ovarian cancer – with passion and self-reliance. She took advantage of all that was offered: going to cancer seminars, discussion groups, researching the disease and being her own best advocate, sharing her discoveries in the chemo room and seeking help from all directions. She strengthened herself through therapists for mind, body and spirit, realizing she needed to unburden herself. 

Through generous donations, the Carole Epstein Foundation has been able to support Dr. Lucy Gilbert’s DoVE Project (Detecting OVarian cancer Earlier), a clinical research study aimed at discovering a method of detecting ovarian cancer at an early stage. This cancer is referred to as a "silent killer" because in its early stages its symptoms are vague and non-specific, mimicking many common benign diseases ignored by patients and doctors alike.

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