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Dr. Henry R. Shibata Fellowships


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The annual Henry R. Shibata Fellowship awards provide Cedars Cancer Foundation a way of supporting both basic and clinical research in oncology at the MUHC. Each winner was granted $20,000 for their research in oncology at the MUHC. Cedars Cancer Foundation provides these awards annually to deserving young scientists working in the area of basic or clinical research of oncology at the McGill University Health Centre. The Henry R. Shibata Cedars Fellowship Award is one of many ways in which Cedars has been involved in improving the care and treatment of patient battling Cancer. 

Meritorious health professionals in oncology who have not obtained funds from granting agencies or other sources are invited to apply.


The Henry R. Shibata Fellowship winners for 2018 are:

Dr. Swneke Bailey
Research into the genomics of peritoneal metastases from esophageal metastases

Dr. Antoine Chalopin
The Kate McGarrigle Sarcoma Fellowship
Sarcoma Fellowship at McGill and Research under Dr Garzia

Dr. Jonathan Cools-Latrigue

Research initiatives in Thoracic Oncology

Dr. Paul Daniel
Research Initiatives in glioblastoma, TMZ and radiation

Dr. Enrico Minnella
Understanding the cellular mechanisms responsible for the beneficial effects
of “Prehabilitation” in cancer patients

Dr. Sonia Skamene
Quality improvement initiatives in Radiation Oncology

Each winner was granted between $5,000 and $20,000
for their research in oncology at the MUHC


Cedars thanks the medical professionals of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) for their dedication and commitment.

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