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Marc & Gillian Lustig Family Medical Cannabis Research & Care Fund

Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues,
As many of you know, we have been donating to the Cedars Cancer Foundation since 2011 with our Kilimanjaro Climb for Cedars, as well as supporting the Cedars Breast Cancer Program. We're very proud to contribute to the phenomenal work that everyone at Cedars does to advance cancer education, research and care for a disease that continues to affect all of us so deeply. 
This year, we're making a commitment to raise C$250,000 to the Cedars Cancer Foundation for a completely new area that we're passionate about, which is the use of medical cannabis therapy for patients suffering from cancer and/or receiving palliative care. We strongly believe that the medicinal and quality of life benefits of this compound will become better understood and more widely accepted for use in cancer patients and in many patients with chronic and or terminal illnesses, as researchers and healthcare professionals study its usage, measure its impact and share new knowledge. Already there is a growing body of evidence and we feel that patients are fortunate that Canada is leading the way!
As with all of our fundraising efforts for Cedars, we will match the sum of all of the donations of our friends and family up to our C$250,000 goal for this year. The funds raised will go into 4 main areas to support:
  1. The establishment of a best-in-class medical cannabis program for cancer patients at the MUHC in the new Cedars Oncology Supportive Care Centre; 
  2. Analysis of cannabis and cancer data from the unique Quebec Cannabis Registry (www.registrecannabisquebec);  
  3. The integration of cannabis and cancer as a theme in the national cannabis research agenda; and 
  4. The publication of a white paper to help healthcare professionals and researchers with integrating cannabis medicines in palliative and supportive care.
We recognize just how many causes there are to support but we would be very grateful if the Cedars Cancer Foundation is part of your charitable giving this year.

Please consider a gift. Follow the link to the Lustig Family “Medical Cannabis Research and Care Fund” at Cedars. All donations are fully eligible for a tax receipt. 

With heartfelt appreciation,
Marc and Gillian Lustig & Family
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