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December 8, 2016

A Holiday Basket of Hope for our cancer patients and their Families

“The root of the word Encourage is Courage-which comes from the Latin word ‘COR’, HEART. Thus to encourage is to give heart. Perhaps the toughest role an ‘encourager’ plays is that of a tireless ‘encourager’. The one who is strong when the Fighter is weak”
The Cedars CanSupport Holiday Basket Program started with a wonderful kind hearted ENCOURAGER wanting to help cancer patients and their families going through cancer feel a little bit better. The calamity of any illness manifests itself not only in the individual’s health, but it touches upon the emotional and financial aspects as well. Hearing that knock on the door with volunteers carrying over 9 bags full of non-perishable foods, home care supplies, & toys for their children is incredible.  In addition, our volunteers delivered an envelope containing financial assistance provided by the Cedars Cancer Foundation’s Wilfrid Howick Humanitarian Fund, which provides assistance and resources for cancer patients and their families in financial need.  

Together with the Cedars Cancer Center, the Cedars Cancer Foundation, Cedars CanSupport, our volunteers, healthcare practitioners, social workers at the MUHC, the support of our unwavering donors, and our ‘Encourager’ who started this tradition over 20 years ago, together bringing hope to patients at this time of year.

 With gratitude and thanks for helping us continue a tradition rooted in kindness and hope! 

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