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May 31, 2017

Congratulations to Fight For Sud-West 1 for Raising over $4,700!!

Justin Etheridge and Angry Monkey MMA launched their first Fight for Sud-West 1 on Sunday May 7th, 2017, benefitting Cedars Priority Needs.

Justin and his entourage hosted an exciting event that brought together people of all ages with the common goals of supporting local boxers as well as a young individual’s battle with cancer.

One of the boxers at Angry Monkey Gym became sick this past year with cancer. Driven by the familial bond that Angry Monkey Gym‘s members share, Justin wanted to do something to show his unwavering support towards this individual in what would be one of the toughest fights of their life. This is how the Fight for Sud West 1 came to be. A jam-packed event was underway at the Boys & Girls Club in Verdun. On the docket for the night was a variety of entertainment as well as multiple boxing matches: a magician wowed the crowd with card tricks, a juggler performed very daunting stunts with knives and there were some hilarious mock fights before any of the real fights began. Boxers from different gyms throughout the Montreal area were very keen to lend their support to such a worthy cause. A variety of authenticated Mike Tyson memorabilia was auctioned off, including match worn shorts. The boxing community came out in numbers and it was evident by the success of the event; over $4,700 was raised! Congratulations to Justin and Angry Monkey MMA for taking the initiative and for organizing such a successful and enjoyable event!
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