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July 18, 2017

Mr. Anthony Calvillo “Local Hero Burger"


Image Source: Notre-Boeuf-de Grâce


Thank you Jonathan Dresner and the team behind Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce for honouring Mr. Anthony Calvillo, Cedars very own Board Member and valued Ambassador, by selecting Mr. Calvillo as "Local Hero Burger" for the month of May. Your generous donation and fundraising initiative raised 3,000$ in support of the Anthony and Alexia Calvillo Fund at the Cedars Cancer Foundation benefitting Cedars CanSupport. Helping cancer patients and their families one person at a time.
Raising awareness & helping us continue to 'GO BEYOND' is truly commendable!

Image Source: Notre-Boeuf-de Grâce


Honoring loved Ones - Raising Cancer Awareness - Fundraising

Thank you Lizanne Murphy, a two-time Olympian, Pan Am gold medalist, and medalist winner in Canada for selecting the WILFRID HOWICK HUMANITARIAN FUND as the recipient of the “HAPPY CANADA DAY y'all Local Hero Burger” for the month of July.

To Jonathan Dresner & the team behind Notre Boeuf De Grâce, thank you for this wonderful and fun fundraising initiative.
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