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May 15, 2018

Pink Bra Toss – powered by Cedars

Montreal, May 14th, 2018 – On Sunday, May 13th, close to 300 women from across Montreal gathered on Mount Royal for the Pink Bra Toss – powered by the Cedars Cancer Foundation.


Started in Paris by Canadian-born breast cancer survivor Kate Kemp-Griffin, The Pink Bra Toss has cemented itself as a celebration of the advances that have been made in the fight against breast cancer and to reinvigorate the push to cure this disease entirely. Held on a beautiful and sunny Mother’s Day, the Montreal Pink Bra Toss truly was a “Montreal” event as it brought together people from across our amazing city. United by a desire to celebrate the amazing women in their lives and honor those who lost their battle against breast cancer, it served to cement the universal will to eradicate breast cancer while celebrating all those who have fought and continue to fight this disease.

The pink wigs and “I love my boobs” t-shirts exuded positive spirit while both men and women came together to sing, dance, eat the delicious doughnuts provided by Doughnats and finally – toss a bra in the air! Although some women brought their own, most of the bras were generously donated by Gordon Battah, Chantelle and Passionata Lingerie courtesy of Saint Hillaire, and Lilianne Lingerie. After the event, all the bras will go to Chez Doris and Auberge Shalom.. The committee would like to highlight the generosity of Christina Miller, Dynamite Group, BAM Training, and the volunteers whose contributions were crucial to the event.


All money raised through peer-to-peer fundraising in support of the Montreal Pink Bra Toss went directly to the Cedars Breast Cancer Program. The Cedars Breast Cancer Program raises necessary funds for women being treated at the Cedars Cancer Centre, once they have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The Cedars Breast Cancer Program supports the introduction of a nurse navigator program, a breast-cancer specific fellow as well as the Rad.Onc.Bra.

The Montreal Pink Bra Toss would not have been possible without the steadfast dedication of co-chairs Caroline Gauthier, Christina Miller, Gloria Di Francesco, Jeannie Vondjidis and Lorna Denham.


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