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Sarcoma SaRC-Q Fund

Cedars Ramy Saleh

Join us in supporting the fight against sarcoma by donating to SaRC-Q.

Every year, hundreds of young adults are diagnosed with the rare cancer called sarcoma. It's a disease that affects not only the individual, but their loved ones as well. A sarcoma registry is an essential tool in the fight against cancer. It provides critical information about the incidence, treatment, and outcomes that help researchers and healthcare professionals better understand and combat this devastating disease.

The SaRC-Q registry is a centralized database that collects, manages, and analyses information about sarcoma cases in Quebec. It is a valuable tool for tracking sarcoma patients and helps us match them to clinical trials that are specific for their disease. This in turn, can offer sarcoma patients a better quality of life, and hopefully a longer survival.

But creating and maintaining a sarcoma registry requires funding, and that's where we need your help. Your donation can make a significant impact in the fight against cancer. By supporting SaRC-Q, you're helping to ensure that valuable data is collected and analysed, which can lead to new treatments and ultimately, more lives saved.

Join us in our mission to improve sarcoma care and outcomes by supporting SaRC-Q. Every dollar counts, and every donation brings us one step closer to a world without cancer. Together we can make a difference and bring hope to those affected by this disease.