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Annual Appeal

Cedars Cancer Foundation 2016 Annual Appeal


Dear Friends,

We are writing you today to ask you to contribute to our Annual Appeal campaign, which supports the Cedars Cancer Foundation’s priority needs, free complementary and humanitarian programmes and services, as well as excellence and innovation in cancer care, research and education. 

In that spirit, imagine that you’re an architect whose firm boasts many award-winning urban projects. You are passionate about your work: the challenges, the marriage of aesthetics, functionality and safety, but also the precision and the humanism. You’re used to doing the talking. However, one day, it is you who must listen. This is not an abstract story; it belongs to Marie-Claude Lambert who, like many cancer patients, had to put her life somewhat on hold while she underwent a series of exhausting treatments for ductal breast cancer. 

Despite this, Marie-Claude considers herself fortunate: “The rapidity with which I had an ultrasound, a MRI, a biopsy, and then chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy surprised me. I truly felt taken in hand by the clinical team from day one. Everything was explained down to the minute detail, which was very important. However, I must also mention the professionals and volunteers from Cedars CanSupport who gravitated around me; their warmth, encouragement and assistance were exceptional.” 

Approximately every 10 minutes, a Quebecer is diagnosed with cancer while someone succumbs to the disease roughly every 24 minutes. These statistics are shocking and, while progress with treatment and overall survival rates have improved, there is nevertheless a crying need for funding that will support better quality of life and outcomes in cancer, in addition to the facilities that are like a second home to those receiving cancer care. 

“As an architect, it is easy for me to say I admire how the light fills the Cedars Cancer Centre, but as a cancer patient, I am taken to another level of experience. I appreciate how that luminosity makes me feel every time I have to be there. It’s about creating a space for healing and I am grateful for having been referred to Cedars at the MUHC.”

Today, Marie-Claude is getting ready to pick up where she left off. “I implore you to donate to the Cedars Cancer Foundation’s Annual Appeal so that other cancer patients may benefit from all the critical services that this foundation funds. It makes a world of difference!” 

On behalf of Marie-Claude and other cancer patients, thank you for fitting our Annual Campaign into your charitable donations this year. Your generosity will be multiplied by that of others who understand that hospital budgets only go so far.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Mark A. Saykaly
Board Chair
Cedars Cancer Foundation
Jeff J. Shamie
President and CEO
Cedars Cancer Foundation

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