We are the MUHC's funding arm against cancer

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Elana Beth de Pagter

Technologist, Radiation Oncology


Ease the pain and suffering caused by cancer


Improve the health and well-being of paediatric, young adult and adult cancer patients, and their families, throughout and beyond treatment, by leading philanthropic initiatives that support excellence and innovations in clinical care, research, education and supportive care services.

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Christine Bouchard

Nursing Director, Cancer Care Mission, MUHC

Compassionate Care

Our mission is to offer every cancer patient at the MUHC compassionate care that focuses on them as a person, not on their disease. Your donations help ensure that no one is left behind, supporting the care of people of all ages, even babies in utero, throughout their journey with cancer. That means we assist them from diagnosis to post-treatment, including supportive and palliative care. We go far beyond treatment by funding a wide range of innovative programs such as psychological services, financial aid, medical cannabis programs and cutting-edge equipment and facilities.

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Dr Tarek Hijal

Director, Division of Radiation Oncology

Innovative Research

Monetary contributions to the Foundation help the MUHC Research Institute's Cancer Research Program (CRP) to conduct research focused on finding a cure, for a future without cancer, but also to develop better and more creative therapies and care protocols to help mitigate the primary impact of cancer on quality of life. The CRP currently works on innovative projects in the fields of immunotherapy, molecular profiling and targeted therapies.

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Dr David Fleiszer

Surgical Oncologist

Inspiring Education

Cedars supports visiting professorships, fellowships, public lectures and educational material for patients, healthcare professionals and visitors of the MUHC. The community's generosity helps teach, train and mentor an increasing number of professionals every year at the MUHC, the largest teaching facility of the Faculty of Medicine at McGill.

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50+ years of history

The Cedars Cancer Foundation was founded in 1966 by a group of individuals in the Lebanese community, who overcame personal loss and dedicated themselves to fighting cancer and to alleviating its effects on patients of all origins and their families.

Cedars is the story of how one community rallied to support and help the wider public for a cause that affects so many. As cancer knows no bounds, we found strength in unity, openness, generosity and togetherness. This is what has driven our growth and impact throughout the years.

Seen from left to right: Joseph Chamandy, Ernest Saykaly, Shirley Chamandy, Rene Darwish, Dr. Henry Shibata, Dr. Edward J. Tabah

Discover our history
Armen Aprikan

Dr. Armen Aprikian

Chief, Cancer Care Mission of the MUHC

Our leadership

Cedars is fortunate to count some of Canada's most experienced professionals as members of its board of directors and its capital campaigns cabinet – and we are proud to present them to you.

Meet the board
Jeff Shamie Photo cropped

Jeff J. Shamie, MPA

President and CEO, Cedars Cancer Foundation

Our team

We rely on our operations team's energy, devotion and faith in our mission and to be present whenever and wherever necessary, to identify and develop new opportunities and to keep furthering our cause day after day.

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