2023 Walk to Support Oncology Research

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2023 Walk to Support Oncology Research

My dear friends,

Allen and I completed our walk, La marche d'Alphonse, last week. The first day was like dancing in the rain, but Thursday and Friday were sunny. As a friend told me, our walk was a symbol of what cancer is: first the rain, then comes the sun.

However, I must admit that the route itself is far from being interesting. Apart from the bike path going to Oka, the rest was spent on roads with quite a lot of traffic, which tested my tolerance to noise!!!!! But we made it.

I thank you all for your impressive generosity which allowed me to collect 3 700$ which will be dedicated to the research in oncology.

As we say in French: "Je vous tire mon chapeau."

I would like to thank Lina, from the Cedar Cancer Foundation, who helped me to organize this challenge. Thanks to my dear husband, Allen, who, without hesitating responded present. Thanks to three friends of our walking group who joined us for part of the last day.

I wish you all a beautiful summer and a great health to enjoy the beauty of life.



Learn more about Martine’s story below.

My name is Martine Sormani-Dasse-Hessler. I am a retired teacher and like many others of my generation (I am 71 years old), I am active and have a number of interests which include singing in a choir, learning Italian, cross-country skiing, and my biggest passion – walking. That is how the idea to create my own fundraiser for the Cedars Cancer Foundation began, following a diagnosis of early lung cancer in the fall of 2022, and undergoing surgery and chemotherapy treatment at Cedars Cancer Center. My goal is to raise funds in support of cancer research and patient care.  

Over the years, walking long distances has become second nature to me, whether it be on trails or around town. That's why, right after my lobectomy and chemotherapy treatment, I wanted to partner with the Cedars Cancer Foundation to raise funds while honouring my passion. For 3 days at the end of May, my husband and I will walk the ‘Chemin d’Alphonse’ which is a 60-kilometer trail between Saint-Eustache and Pointe-Calumet (Basses-Laurentides).

The care I received as of August 2022, including surgery and general oncology, helped me to maintain my moral strength and hope. The specialists that I continue to meet regularly during my treatments and follow-ups are attentive, respond to all my questions, and understand my dismay as well as that of my family. Furthermore, I received excellent nutritional counseling as well as psychosocial support and access to the resource center. It is to express my gratitude and appreciation that I have decided to partner with the Cedars Cancer Foundation as a beneficiary of the funds collected in my initiative. I humbly request you join me in my efforts to raise $1,200 to further research and care for cancer patients. All funds raised will be donated to Dr. Jonathan Spicer and Dr. Linda Ofiara and their teams.