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Together Against Cancer - A Unique Collaboration Between the Cedars Cancer Foundation and the Montreal General Hospital Foundation

The Cedars Cancer Foundation and the Montreal General Hospital Foundation are joining forces to fight cancer and launch a major fundraising campaign, with a goal of $100 million. This special collaboration is raising funds to support transformative projects that will have a significant impact on cancer care and research at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).

Launched on World Cancer Day, this major campaign aims to facilitate access to the best oncology care and services, fund research and innovation and offer personalized care that can save countless lives.

Why Join our Major Campaign?

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada. In fact, 40 % of Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, and 25% of them will die as a result (Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Cancer Statistics 2023).

These alarming figures are not the end of the story. Patients, their families and medical teams are doing their best to fight the disease. We want to do the same. Together, under the auspices of our two foundations, we are doubling our chances of succeeding.

"Our goal is simple: to move heaven and earth to improve cancer statistics. We can rely on exceptional medical teams and the support of a very committed and generous community. Together, we'll do everything we can to reach our goal of $100 million," says Jeff J. Shamie, President and CEO of the Cedars Cancer Foundation.

"Our two foundations have so many reasons to collaborate: we already support complementary projects, and our respective missions align well with each other. Above all, we can have a greater impact by working together," says Stephanie Riddell, President and CEO of the Montreal General Hospital Foundation.

"This collaboration reflects our foundations' ability and willingness to work together, with our outstanding interdisciplinary teams and researchers, who work tirelessly and with empathy, for patients and their families. This inspiring campaign will improve the trajectory of care, quality of life and outcomes of so many people living with cancer," says Dr. Lucie Opatrny, President and Executive Director of the McGill University Health Centre.

A Global Approach to Benefit Patients

Our collaboration is driven by our deep understanding of cancer patients' realities.

Many patients diagnosed with cancer will require surgery, and some will participate in clinical trials at the MUHC, either at the Montreal General Hospital or at the Glen site. They will also be followed at the Cedars Cancer Centre, where they will receive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other care and support services. These services are essential to a successful recovery.

By joining forces, our communities are helping to fund priority projects that will positively impact the entire patient care pathway.

"This partnership is totally natural for us, as we've been building up this bond of trust for several years now. We organize joint fundraising events, such as the annual Cedars Golf Classic, the “Soirée en or” gala and the Research Awards. By collaborating on these projects, we've seen the potential for the success of this approach," say Cedars Cancer Foundation Vice President of Development and Operations, Ariel Dayan-Médalsy, and Montreal General Hospital Foundation Vice President of Development, Alexander King.

Our Medical Leaders Give Their Best

"Patients need access to care and research projects that consider their specific situation, before, during, and after surgery. That's what this campaign is all about," say MUHC Cancer Care Mission Chief and Director of the Cedars Cancer Centre Dr. Armen Aprikian, and MUHC Surgeon-in-Chief and Chair of the Department of Surgery, Dr. Liane Feldman.

The fundraising campaign we're launching focuses on three main priorities:

  • Equal access to the best care and support
  • Personalized, precision cancer care
  • Life-changing innovation and research

Where you live shouldn't affect your chances of surviving cancer; however, Quebec cancer survival rates are lower outside Montreal. That's why Dr. Jonathan Spicer and Dr Ramy Saleh share this top priority: to provide equitable access to the latest discoveries and cutting-edge clinical trials in cancer care.

Patients of all ages are affected by cancer. Through the Whole Person Care program, Dr. Justin Sanders and Dr. Virginia Lee place the patient at the center of care and respond to the unique needs of each population.

In the same vein, Dr. Tarek Hijal and Dr. Lorenzo Ferri envision a future where we identify a drug capable of destroying specific cancer cells, without having to test different drugs on the patient, and where radiotherapy will be so precise that side effects will be almost non-existent. This future can become a reality thanks to precision cancer care.

Finally, Dr. Liane Feldman and Dr. Jonathan Cools-Lartigue are working on innovative research projects with significant, tangible benefits for everyone affected by cancer. For example, they aim to make even major oncological operations same-day surgeries. They also dream of a world where it will be possible to prevent cancer from metastasizing.

"We are extremely proud to be taking part in this major campaign. Cancer affects all of us and is the real plague of our time. It is therefore vital to find solutions to improve treatment and chances of survival. It is impressive to see the devotion of our scientists as they push the boundaries of clinical research, enabling our physicians to perform ever more complex surgeries and to integrate new technologies in order to improve the prognosis of cancer patients," say Gwen Nacos and Richard Cherney, co-chairs of the Together Against Cancer campaign.

To achieve our goal, The Cedars Cancer Foundation and the Montreal General Hospital Foundation have put together a campaign cabinet of extraordinary people (in alphabetical order):

Honourary Co-chairs

Stephanie Rossy
Andrew Molson


Gwen Andrews Nacos
Richard Cherney

Cabinet members

Tony Aksa
Si Chen
Dominic Costantini
Diana Ferrara Scalia
Michael Flinker
Jean-Guy Gourdeau
Elise Nesbitt
Adam Turner
Peggy Tabeh
Roger Tabah
Stella Vassallo
Lawrence Vatch

Our call to action is simple: patients, medical teams and scientists give their best in the fight against cancer. In return, we ask you to give the best you can to help them in this fight against cancer. THANK YOU!