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Arielle’s Ironman 70.3 Challenge

Arielle 2

I am Arielle, a hematology/oncology/stem cell transplant nurse at the Royal Victoria for over a year. I have decided to challenge myself to a half-Ironman and join this experience to raise funds for the Cedars Cancer Foundation. The half-Ironman event was always of interest to me with most of my background in swimming but also in triathlon and many other competitive sports. Although I had often considered registering for it, I never found it to be the right time. However, when thinking about it this year, I came up with the idea to pair it to my nursing practice and help raise funds for the patients and families I care for.

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I partnered up with Cedars Cancer Foundation because of the implication it has for the patients we take care of on D10. It’s a Foundation that not only plays a role in the research for the battle against cancer, but also provides support to patients and families. Even though the research is evolving and many patients benefit from the different therapies, cancer is a fear word and brings on its own burden. As nurses and part of a highly specialized healthcare team, we attempt to deliver the best care and ensure the best results from those therapies but can never do so with a 100% certitude to become illness free. Thus, providing the adequate support for them is an essential part of the journey we have control on and can maximize to ease the pain and suffering. All in all, the foundation and the team share a common goal towards improving the health and well-being of our patients and families.

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When being on the frontline, we are witnesses of this immense burden and challenges that are placed on the patient’s shoulders. Challenging myself to a half-ironman represents a minuscule part of the obstacles our patients are faced with, but will hopefully provide a glimpse as to what I need to keep pushing and staying mentally strong in moments where giving up might seem more appealing. Help me and the Cedars Cancer Foundation raise 1500$ to keep fighting against cancer. Click the link below to donate. Every dollar makes a difference! All proceeds will support the Stem Cell Research & Care Fund under the leadership of Dr. Gizelle Popradi.