Mamma Mia Dinner & Dance

Mamma Mia Dinner Event

18th Annual Mother's Day Dinner and Dance

Mamma Mia Women’s Association Committee are holding their 18th Annual Mother’s Day Dinner and Dance on Friday May 8th, 2020 at 6 p.m. cocktail and 7 p.m. dinner at the Club de golf Métropolitain, 9555 boul. Du Golf in Anjou to benefit the Wellness Initiative of the Cedars Breast Cancer Program at the McGill University Health Centre ($85 each ticket).

The Mamma Mia Women’s Association is a group of dedicated volunteers who have over the last 17 years, offered their time and efforts to organize an annual Mother’s Day Dinner and Dance. With over hundreds of guests in attendance from both the professional and business communities in the past years, they will unite once again to stand up against cancer.

For over a decade, Mamma Mia Women’s Association has supported various initiatives of the Cedars Breast Cancer Program at the MUHC, a major regional and supra-regional referral centre for patients diagnosed with breast disease. Last year's event raised $24,000 thanks to the generosity of donors and sponsors in our community. In the past, money has supported the purchase of digital mammography units and other medical equipment to treat and examine the 25,000 women that step foot into the clinic each year.

Once again this year, the money raised will support the Wellness Initiative of the Cedars Breast Cancer Program. This wellness team provides access to psychologists, kinesiologists, exercise experts, and specialty nurses, who have developed 4 important programs: psycho-oncology, exercise programs, lymphedema therapy and breast cancer educational programs to support to our cancer patients.

To reserve your tickets, please contact:

Maria Gervasi
Tel: 514-264-9458