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Cédric Finn Fund

Cédric’s brother, Samuel Finn, will attempt to beat his second Guinness World Record. After having completed 5234 burpees in 12 hours to beat his first world record, he's now aiming to complete 1000 burpees in one hour. The event should take place in November 2023.

"Cédric, my son, was 27 years old and had just become a chartered accountant when he detected a cyst between his gluteal muscles. After several tests without conclusive results, we discovered that it is a sarcoma of soft tissue. Our life had collapsed.

Until the diagnosis, Cédric had been as a healthy as one could be. Passionate about golf, hockey, cycling, he was, above all, a true lover of life.

On April 19th, 2016, he underwent major surgery performed by Dr. Krista Goulding, an orthopaedic and oncology surgeon. This brilliant woman and her team carried out this procedure which required my son to be bedridden for five weeks ensuring that his body would fully accept the transplant. A week later, he was informed that he has metastases in his lungs.

During the five months that followed, he was hospitalized and had to endure six very aggressive chemotherapy treatments until he was released. Eventually, the sarcoma had metastasized to the brain. Two operations in six days quickly transpired in hopes of removing the mass.

Unfortunately, our Cédric lost his battle on January 20, 2017, just nine months after his diagnosis.

Cédric remained positive and fought like a true warrior. He was brave, strong, smiling and never pitied himself. He is an inspiration to all who knew him. It is impossible to explain the emotions we have about his departure. The only way I could heal my pain is by paying tribute to him.

By supporting this fund, you will be contributing to the Cedric Finn Fund for Sarcoma and you will play a leading role in changing people’s lives.

The funds raised will support The Cedars Sarcoma Research and Care Fund at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), under the leadership of Dr. Robert Turcotte. The MUHC is the only supraregional sarcoma treatment facility designated by the Quebec Cancer Program. This means that clinical teams are always learning more about the various forms of sarcoma through their regular contact with patients and through vital research.

Cédric's bravery inspired all who knew him. Help us and him make a difference now in other family's lives. Please donate today to the Cédric Finn Fund."