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Dr. Kiarash &Dr. BehmaneshPeriodontal Rehab &Education Fund

On November 8th 2016, three words forever changed my life, “you have cancer!”. My world was flipped upside down. Scared, angry, frustrated and so many other feelings go through one’s mind. During the ensuing months, as my treatments started, I began to feel the power of hope, confidence and peace again.

The oncology team at Cedars Cancer Center was there for me through thick and thin, the ups and downs. I never felt alone. I knew I had the world’s best cancer team right by my side as I embarked on this life changing journey for the following year. I write to you today as a breast cancer survivor thanks to the amazing team of doctors and nurses and staff at the Cedars Cancer Center.

When I was going through my treatments, I noticed first-hand the general lack of education on oral health amongst the patients. I witnessed a patient’s life saving chemo treatments having to get postponed because of a periodontal abscess, in an already immunocompromised patient. I witnessed how patients struggled with oral rehabilitation after their cancer treatment.

As a result, my husband and I created a fund at Cedar’s Cancer Center Foundation to raise money towards periodontal education and rehabilitation for patients undergoing chemo treatment and cancer survivors. We also decided to provide free of charge comprehensive periodontal care for their patients at our private practice whenever it affects their chemo treatments.

Dr. Sara Behmanesh