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Dr. Sharon Wexler Visiting Professorship

Established in 2018 by the Wexler family and the Cedars Cancer Foundation, the Dr. Sharon Wexler Visiting Professorship in Neuro-Oncology honours the life of a remarkable and compassionate woman who had a profound impact on others as a psychotherapist, as a professor at McGill University and as a clinical director of Cedars CanSupport, where her leadership encouraged the development of support programs and services benefiting not only cancer patients but also their families.

The Dr. Sharon Wexler Visiting Professorship in Neuro-Oncology will bring to the McGill University Hospital Centre (MUHC) and the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (MNIH) a world class expert in the field of neuro-oncology every year. It will give our healthcare practitioners first hand access to the latest developments and technologies in brain cancer research and care. It will also foster healthy discussions amongst leading professionals, stimulate innovation and bolster the education of doctors, medical students, postdocs and fellows.

Sadly, Dr. Wexler succumbed to brain cancer in 2015. As this visiting professorship will ultimately have an enduring impact on patients and their families, we at Cedars are thankful to have a most fitting legacy for such a respected and beloved professional, colleague and friend.