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Frank Rana's Annual Cedars' Campaign

With much appreciation

Cedars Cancer Foundation is grateful to Frank Rana and his donors for their extraordinary dedication and commitment to help our cancer patients and their families. Since 2010, Frank Rana has rallied his friends, family and corporate colleagues around a cause that is very close to his heart. Thanks to his leadership and direction, over $3 million dollars has been raised to fund Cedars Supportive Care programs and Cedars CanSupport. These vital funds have helped us improve the quality of life for cancer patients as we provide free psychological, emotional, spiritual support, practical information and financial assistance for our patients at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).

The Road Ahead – 2016 and Beyond!

With the Supportive Care Capital Fund well established and a new home for the Supportive Care Centre in the works, this year, donations will also support a cancer Prehabilitation Program, whereby cancer patients will be provided with a rehabilitation program prior to them beginning their surgery, chemotherapy and radio-therapy. This “Prehab” Program, in collaboration with Dr. Francesco Carli’s Peri-Operative Program (POP) at the Montreal General Hospital and Dr. Antonio Vigano’s Cachexia Rehabilitation Program will help strengthen patients for the difficult road ahead. This new program will form part of the many supportive cancer programs and services provided to our patients and their families such as cancer pain, rehabilitation, lymphedema and psychosocial supportive programs. These programs will take place at the new Cedars Cancer Centre and MUHC Glen site.

A History of Dedication – Frank Rana's Annual Cedars Campaign and Friends for the Cure

Frank and Mary Rana have been part of the Friends for the Cure Committee since 2003 and Frank was also a member of the Cedars Board of Directors, where he led our Finance Corporate Fundraising Committees for many years.

Thank you for your unwavering support of Cedars Cancer Foundation and for making the lives of thousands of Montrealers better! Thank you to all your corporate and individual donors.

Thank you Friends for the Cure

In 1999, Montreal General Hospital (MGH) operating room nurse Tina Lamanuzzi wanted to hold a fundraiser in aid of the MGH. She enlisted the support of her husband and friends and held the first Valentine's Day gala at a neighbourhood hall for families and friends. They raised $15,000. The next year they filled the hall and raised about $18,000. For their third year, the committee decided to direct whatever they could raise towards establishing a Cedars CanSupport patient support service at the MGH. Forever optimistic, Tina Lamanuzzi was shooting for a "pie-in-the sky" $50,000, while most of her fellow committee members were aiming for a more realistic goal of $25,000. They were both wrong! By now, future committee member Frank Rana had caught the bug. He picked up his phone to reach his many contacts. He was unaware of the others' expectations and he went out and alone raised over $85,000 in corporate funding. With his contributions, the third year fundraiser brought in an over-the-top $100,000! The Friends for the Cure Committee are a close-knit circle of friends, all tied together through Tina and Dominic Lamanuzzi and an incredible bond to help others.

Fast forward to 2016, the Friends for the Cure event held at Le Madison in Saint Leonard, was attended by more than 900 patrons and raised over $325,000!!

Together, Frank Rana’s Cedars Annual Campaign and Friends for the Cure have raised approximately $3.0 M for MUHC patients. Hats off to all involved!!