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Kate McGarrigle Fund

Add Your Voice to the Legacy of the Legendary Kate McGarrigle. Make a Donation to the Kate McGarrigle Fund at Cedars for Sarcoma Research

Kate McGarrigle’s prolific life as a singer/songwriter, sister, mother and friend ended abruptly in January 2010, only a few years after being diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Sadly, the disease robbed the world of Kate’s passion for music, for family and for life itself, leaving countless brokenhearted, but one could say that the power of her voice is as beautiful and strong as ever.

Borne of this exceptional passion, gratitude to the Montreal healthcare professionals who treated Kate—including her two physicians, Dr. Roger Tabah and Dr. Gerald Batist—, and recognition that there was a critical need for research in sarcoma, the Kate McGarrigle Fund in Canada was established. The Fund has since grown into the Kate McGarrigle Foundation (KMF), which to this date continues to preserve and build on Kate’s artistic and philanthropic legacy. KMF accomplishes its goals by raising money for research to combat sarcoma through the production of concerts, recordings, films and other forms of artistic programs in addition to private donations.

Kate McGarrigle was determined to support research for future generations, as are her children Rufus and Martha Wainwright and her extended musical family who give their time, their talent and their love to this vital cause.

The daughter of English and French Canadian parents, Kate’s folk music with her sister Anna bridged cultural communities and people of all ages, much like the Cedars Cancer Foundation, one of two Canadian beneficiaries of monies raised through the Kate McGarrigle Foundation.

Please add your voice to theirs by donating today to the Kate McGarrigle Fund at Cedars!