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Marie Balabanian Legacy Fund

The Marie Balabanian Legacy Fund

To honor the memory of a beautiful mother, community leader, and a tireless philanthropist, the Marie Balabanian Legacy Fund is dedicated to supporting the Cedars Breast Cancer Program at the Cedars Cancer Centre by providing financial assistance and resources for breast cancer patients and their families.

Marie Balabanian was a force of nature who left an indelible mark on her community through her constant philanthropy, advocating for healthcare for seniors, recognition of minorities and above all else, being a rock and moral guide to her two sons who lost their father at an early age. She achieved so much for her community and her name is remembered with respect in the Armenian and Lebanese communities of Lebanon and Canada. She fought bravely against her breast cancer and never lost her courage or hope throughout. She would see her fellow patients - some disoriented from chemo - who would be alone in their rooms and worry about how they were going to manage the multitude of new challenges they now faced.

The Marie Balabanian Legacy Fund will ensure that cancer patients have access to basic necessities such as shelter, groceries, utilities, and transportation costs with the help of an oncology social worker who can assess these needs and act as an intermediary between the Cedars Oncology Department and the Cedars Breast Cancer Program.

Thank you for honouring Marie Balabanian’s vision by donating to support her mission.