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The Willow Fund

Innovative Resources For Cancer Care & Research

There is very little that ties every cancer patient together. Fear, diagnosis, prognosis are just a few. The many unknowns both unspoken and shared with friends and family are deafening and the ringing silence is only muted by the sound of an inner dialogue that is unfortunately endless and palpable.

One of the few other things shared regardless of type, stage, grade, aggressivity and treatment is the care felt and received at what is one of the worst times of our lives. The dedication of doctors, nurses, technicians, care-givers and volunteers is essential to so many and yet, is not always given priority by those that make critical decisions on all our behalves.

The mission of The Willow Fund at the Cedars Cancer Foundation is quite simple. Using a combination of innovative branding, marketing and event planning along with very traditional structural mandates, we plan on changing the face of cancer while contributing to the care and resources provided to the patients through Cedars Cancer Care Mission.

Since the Willow Fund breaks free from the single lane philosophy, it is important to steer the fund through modern, innovative, community driven strategies. With that in mind, the effort to raise awareness of both the Willow Funds goals and visibility is one of honest effort, determination and community engagement.

Participating and volunteering in major cycling, running and sporting events across the province and country, some over multiple days, including our very own Annual Event, The Resolution Run; the idea is led by the belief that we can affect change with resolute acts of generosity within our shared communities. More than just effort and kindness; time, determination, resilience and focus are the cornerstones of our equity. This lesson on mental, physical and emotional strength is one that mimics the battle of so many.

With your support, our goal to benefit the Supportive Care and Priority needs of the Cancer Care Mission of the MUHC and the Cedars Cancer Foundation is within reach. We can all take part in the quality care, essential support and loving determination that affects the patients in our community. With your kindness, we can innovate the resources that are needed to affect that change, one step, pedal stroke, kilometer and event at a time.

Thank you,

C. Frank Merhar
Executive Director
The Willow Fund

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