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New Year New Hope Gala

Activity Date:
13 January 2018

Time of the event:
6:00 p.m.

Description of the activity:

Every day we hear stories about someone being diagnosed with cancer or fighting a cancer battle, never thinking that it might one day affect us personally.  Three years ago, my uncle whom I was extremely close to, was diagnosed with stomach cancer. As I mentioned earlier, I used to hear cancer stories all the time, but never thought it might one day touch my family. My uncle battled for about a year and unfortunately lost his fight two years ago. It was very difficult & painful to see my uncle slowly pass way.  At that point, I knew I wanted to do something in order to give back to Cedars who helped my uncle so much throughout his battle.
Then, another storm came my way, less than a year ago, my mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I had such a negative experience with cancer due to my uncle’s passing that I had no hope the second I heard the word “cancer” once again. In that moment when I found out, so many thoughts went through my mind, primarily, how I would survive without my mother, my rock, and my best friend. Fortunately, my mother’s cancer was detected in time; I incredibly grateful and blessed.
The fear of not knowing whether your loved one will survive is by far the scariest and most devastating feeling possible. My mom becoming a cancer survivor motivated me to want to make a difference.

I chose the Cedars Cancer Foundation because it holds a very important place in my heart, as it not only helped my uncle and my mother, but also continues to help so many others. No matter how many tears are shed, or how many years go by, the pain of losing a loved is always present. For this reason, with gratitude and appreciation, I ask you to join me, so we can make a difference. Together, let us create more hope, at the New Year New Hope Gala benefiting the Gynecologic-Oncology Fund at the Cedars Cancer Foundation.

Erica & Family

For tickets and information, contact:
Erica Crimi at

Event location:
Il Gabbiano
1550 rue Lapierre
Montreal, QC H8N 2R2

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