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Dr. Henry R. Shibata Fellowships

The Annual Dr. Henry R. Shibata Fellowship awards provide Cedars Cancer Foundation a way of supporting both basic and clinical research in oncology at the MUHC.

Each winner was granted $20,000 for their research in oncology at the MUHC. Cedars Cancer Foundation provides these awards annually to deserving young scientists working in the area of basic or clinical research of oncology at the McGill University Health Centre. The Dr. Henry R. Shibata Cedars Fellowship Award is one of many ways in which Cedars has been involved in improving the care and treatment of patient battling Cancer.

Meritorious health professionals in oncology who have not obtained funds from granting agencies or other sources are invited to apply.
(Please attach your documents & proposals if needed)



Dr. Geoffroy Danieau
Research establishing appropriate pre-clinical models to better understand the genetics and biology of primary, metastatic, and relapsed osteosarcomas.

Kate McGarrigle Sarcoma Fellowship - Cedars Cancer Foundation

Dr. Tenzin Gayden
Research focused on development and evaluation of Whole Genome Sequencing for rare genetic disorders and congenital malformation in neonates and Infants.

Dr. Henry R. Shibata Fellowship
Sponsored by Sarah’s Fund in Pediatrics Hematology- Oncology

Dr. Mohammad Hassani
Research into aggressive-behavior predictors in Solitary Fibrous Tumor, a mesenchymal tumor with an intermediate tendency to metastasize.

Kate McGarrigle Sarcoma Fellowship - McGill University Health Centre Foundation

Dr. Jeffrey How
Research in identification of predictive biomarkers for targeted and immunotherapeutic agents in gynecologic malignancies.

Dr. Henry R. Shibata Fellowship

Dr. Victoria Mandilaras
Research focused on molecular profiling and novel drug-target discovery for rare gynecologic cancers.

Dr. Henry R. Shibata Fellowship

Dr. James Man Git Tsui
Clinical and Research Fellowship in Brachytherapy.
Dr. Henry R. Shibata Fellowship


Dr. Arielle Elkrief
Research focused on molecular driven cancer treatments and immuno-oncology for patients with sarcoma.

Dr. Henry R. Shibata Fellowship

Dr. Diogo Bessa de Medeiros

Research in quality of life initiatives pertaining to the McGill DOvEE program.

Dr. Henry R. Shibata Fellowship

Dr. Julia Burnier

Research pertaining to the development of a ‘liquid’ biopsy for uveal melanoma.

Dr. Henry R. Shibata Fellowship

Dr. Tenzin Gayden

CCMG training in molecular genetics (testing for rare diseases and cancer diagnosis).

Dr. Henry R. Shibata Fellowship

Dr. Kedar Mate

Research on developing a Sarcoma-Specific Preference-Based Outcome Index and a Patient-Experience Index that will be contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the treatment of Soft Tissue sarcomas.

Kate McGarrigle Sarcoma Fellowship

Ms. Joanne Lapointe, RN

Nurse practitioner specializing in sarcoma treatment.

Kate McGarrigle Sarcoma Fellowship

Dr. Stephanie Mourad

Research in development, implementation, regulation and analysis of leukemia/lymphoma clinical trials.

Dr. Henry R. Shibata Fellowship

Dr. Jordan Stosky

Research into the treatment of soft tissue tumors.

Dr. Henry R. Shibata Fellowship