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November 21, 2017

Le Fonds ‘La cloche’ (The ‘Bell’ Fund) and McGill’s Imedici Orchestra join forces to raise money for The Cedars Cancer Centre’s Comfort Kit Program

Montreal, November 20TH, 2017 — On the afternoon of Sunday, November 19th, 2017, cellist superstar Stéphane Tétrault and the I Medici di McGill Orchestra, under the leadership of Maestro Gilles Auger performed at Montreal’s iconic Saint Andrew and Saint Paul’s Church for Symphony for ‘The Bell’. Symphony for ‘The Bell’, a benefit concert in support of Le Fonds ‘La Cloche’ (The ‘Bell Fund’) brought together over 550 spectators for this monumental musical event.   

Stéphane Tétrault, the symphony’s soloist, exceeded the grand expectations he had set for the day. Patients at the MUHC were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of Symphony for ‘The Bell’ on Wednesday, November 8th when Tétrault generously gave a performance at the Cedars Cancer Centre. Stéphane Tétrault plays the 1707 "Countess of Stainlein, Ex-Paganini" Stradivarius cello, on generous loan by Mme Jacqueline Desmarais.

Although the symphony was the theme of the day, the Montreal community never lost sight of the reason they all had gathered: Le Fonds ‘La Cloche’ and the comfort kit program. An idea that was sparked following her own cancer journey, Judy Martin wanted to pay it forward and make all newly diagnosed cancer patients being treated at the Cedars Cancer Centre feel as though they were not alone and that someone who had been in their shoes was advocating for them not only as patients but as people who could all use some comfort. ‘Comfort Kits’, which are typically distributed during patients’ first treatments consist of a soft fleece blanket, a reusable water bottle, a notepad and pen, soothing mints and a magazine. 

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